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as of 11/1/2018 .

Sustainability Architect {LEED, WELL certified}

Biblical Scholar

CEO $1 Billion Balance Sheet

Nonprofit Board Consultant

5-Star Wedding/Event Venue Entrepreneur

Key Person of Influence Program Candidate

Project Manager Medical Device IP

Memoir 95-years-old

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media and democracy


Strategic Writing means publishing content that is outcomes-based. Put another way, using words to accomplish meaningful results.

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Writing Strategies

What you should know about Keith.

Keith creates content for TV documentaries/films

Keith collaborates with C-suite and entrepreneurs to publish their books

Keith creates strategic content for professionals to capture new clients

 Certified since 2013 by the Florida Bar to instruct attorneys - CLE

Society of Professional Journalists 2016 award for Harvard article

Finra Series 3 certification, Florida 2-15 annuity life insurance license

Keith has a clear FBI lifetime fingerprint background report {updated 2018}

Keith works with professionals at the top of their profession to expand their brand

Keith provides research for virtually every profession, academic discipline, science



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