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   Harvard Nieman Foundation for Journalism

   Florida Bar Assn

   Financial Times newspaper

   Random House Publishers

   Stetson College of Law


   Society of Professional Journalists


   Florida insurance license

   St. Petersburg Bar Assn

   FXCM Global Markets

   Keith Long is a writer, publisher 
award-winning journalist


  Keith Long is a professional whose skills reach across multiple disciplines including journalism, financial 

  investment markets, science, and business. He has worked as an investment manager entrusted with 10-

  figure portfolios in the global currency markets for FXCM global. His high-quality analysis of financial

  markets is published by the Financial Times newspaper {London}. He is also published by Random House

  who commissioned him with a five-figure cash advance to write a cutting-edge book on global markets

  with a release date timed for the introduction of the Euro in 1999.

  He has achieved peer recognition in journalism for his publications at the invitation of 
Harvard’s Nieman    Foundation for Journalism. He is currently in discussions with a New York Production company for a     

  documentary to air in 2018 based on his original reporting.

   Prior to his work in journalism, Keith was a fulltime real estate investor here in Pinellas county for two

   decades. He purchased, renovated, and sold residential and small commercial buildings.

   Certifications & Education

   USFSP Entrepreneurship and Innovation program titled “Startup Quest.”

   Florida Bar Assn. continuing legal education {CLE} certified to instruct criminal
 trial attorneys’ for

   professional credits necessary to retain bar licenses. Programs presented for:

   Miami-Dade Public Defender office of professionalism & instruction

   Stetson College of Law {sponsor- Innocence Project} Eighth Judicial Circuit Bar Assn

   Finra Series 3 certification {commodities broker}

   State of Florida insurance certification license 2-15 {health & annuities}

   Society of Professional Journalists’ Award in 2016 for investigative journalism

   FBI FDLE lifetime fingerprint background clearance


   Keith has moderated a panel of distinguished citizens at Stetson College of Law on the subject of Black

   Lives Matter  {Nov. 2017}.

   He is a frequent keynote speaker at distinguished venues including the Suncoast Tiger Bay Club, the St.

   Petersburg Bar association, and Eckerd College.

   He is a volunteer advisor and mentor for numerous non-profit organizations involving autism, business

   mentoring, Junior Achievement, and others.

   Keith is preparing to launch a book with important endorsements based on his reporting for Harvard.

   For more than a decade, Keith has been active assisting professionals in all disciplines to help publish

   their books and articles. His role provides strategic consulting, editing, and publishing. Keith has

   personally recruited notable business and government leaders for endorsements of his clients’ books. In

   2018, those endorsers include:

   Tom James {Raymond James CEO emeritus}
   Bill Gunter {Florida Insurance Commissioner 1976-1988}
   Wayne Mixon {Florida’s 39th Governor}







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