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  1) Florida Bar certified to instruct criminal defense attorneys about the Casey Anthony trial. {Miami-Dade    

       public defender, Innocence Project at Stetson College of Law, etc.}

  2) Only journalist to publish a story about the Casey Anthony case for Harvard.

  3) Society of Professional Journalist's 2016 Investigative Journalist award for reporting on the Casey

      Anthony case.

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First Chapter: The Stranger Inside




                                  Casey Anthony During Her Trial for Capital Murder



        George Anthony pondering the prosecution case against his daughter, Casey.           



             The Stranger Inside -- The Untold Story of the Casey Anthony 

             Keith Long

Keith Long is the journalist of record for the Casey Anthony trial. The Society of Professional Journalists recognized Keith as their top investigative journalist in 2016 for his reporting on the case {shared with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper}.

Patrick McKenna, the Anthony defense team’s private investigator, talked to Keith over a period of more than two years and supplemented Keith’s reporting and unique insight on the case. It’s fair to say that today, Keith knows more about the case than either the defense team or Casey Anthony herself.  

He is certified {since 2013} by the Florida Bar to teach Continuing Legal Education courses which instruct criminal defense attorneys about the defense strategy which resulted in an acquittal in the Casey Anthony case. The unpopular defendant was charged with capital murder, and remains the most hated woman in America.  

Keith instructs staff attorneys for the Miami-Dade public defender's office of professionalism and instruction, the St. Petersburg Bar's criminal defense division, prosecuting attorneys for the Bay County Bar, trial attorneys with the Osceola County Bar Association and Eighth Judicial Circuit Bar Assn. in Florida. Keith also has been a distinguished lecturer at Stetson University Law School and his speeches are sponsored by the Innocence Project.  

Keith has achieved additional peer recognition in journalism from Harvard’s Nieman Foundation for Journalism for his publications on the Casey Anthony case.

He was selected by Barry Sussman, the Washington Post’s former Watergate editor for Woodward and Bernstein and then editor for Harvard’s Media Watchdog program, to write their centerpiece article on the Anthony trial for Harvard’s Nieman Foundation for Journalism. Keith’s article captured the most reader comment and response in Harvard’s history and remains published on their website.

Keith’s background skills reach across the disciplines of financial investment markets, science, and business. He has worked as an investment manager entrusted with 10-figure portfolios in the global currency markets for FXCM global. His high-quality analysis of financial markets is published by the Financial Times. He is also published by Random House who commissioned him with a five-figure cash advance to write a cutting-edge book, Electronic Currency Trading, whose release date was timed with the introduction of the Euro in 2000. Many of Keith's writing projects have come from invitations by top publishing institutions in journalism.

For more than a decade, Keith has advised professionals in a variety of disciplines on editing and publishing their books and articles. Keith has personally recruited notable business and government leaders for endorsements of his clients’ books such as Think B.I.G., the Memoir of Robert Menke, CEO Emeritus of Bankers Insurance Group. His clients' books attract endorsers such as:

Tom James {Raymond James CEO Emeritus}
Bill Gunter {Florida Insurance Commissioner 1976 - 1988}
Wayne Mixon {Florida’s 39th Governor}
Don Auer, Board Chairman Progressive Insurance

The most distinguishing characteristic of Keith's reporting is his balance and open-minded analysis, which enables him to see evidence missed by institutional media reporters, who may be focused on clicks and eyes, more than on the story. The Casey Anthony story is the brightest example of Keith's reporting style.