J. K. Rowling is a self-published author who was rejected by a dozen publishers. She had help writing her fabulously successful Harry Potter books by collaborating with several editors who substantially rewrote her original content. 

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                                                                  You Can:


  * Collaborate with a professional writer and see your story, message and brand professionally written in a self-

     published book with your name on the cover.

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  * Sharing your story has never been easier, or more affordable.


  * Influencers and reviewers who read your book expect it to be professionally written. It is important they

     see a narrative that meets high standards, one they will readily describe as professionally done.

  * It is not how many thousands of copies of a book that sells which represents value-added for you. It is the

     new perspective of you that your book brings to your readers. 

   * As the author of a book which shares your personal story, readers value your invitation to see things that are

      important to you. They hear your story as you want it told. After reading your book they want to reach out to you.

   * Look at some of the authors and books that were collaborative {above slideshow}. Checkout the names

     of authors who had help writing their book.



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