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In addition to my CLE programs for the criminal law divisions of Florida bar associations, I provide value-added legal content for attorneys who practice on the civil side of the law. It is important for attorneys to differentiate their practice and communicate their own unique personal voice in website content, blogs, marketing, and most importantly their self-published books.

I offer verifiable outcomes for my clients who demand that their professional content actually capture clients in their practice space. I am a content provider who accepts the responsibility to demonstrate and verify that my words really accomplish what my clients expect them to.

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Journalist of Record

I am the journalist of record for the Casey Anthony trial held in Orlando known as the trial of the century. My CLE programs introduce previously unknown evidence from the prosecution files in the Ninth Judicial Circuit. My reporting evokes an astonishing change of opinion of the prosecution's case. I discuss how a young defense attorney developed a strategy that resulted in the acquittal of Casey Anthony. By the way, I also compare the OJ Simpson acquittal and Johnny Cochran's defense strategy to the Casey Anthony trial. If you would like to have a CLE program that sheds new light on these trials presented to your bar association, just contact Keith using the form below.

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