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"You did a very good job with the summary and provided a  clear picture of what the cases are about."

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"I am very grateful to you." {Principal of major law firm in  Australia}

"Keith functions at the ultimate peak of professionalism, always introducing experienced feedback and enthusiastic useful ideas, and committed 1000% to getting the job done only when the client is fully satisfied. He also goes above and beyond contributing everything he can to ensure that your job gets completed in as spectacular a fashion as humanely possible ... rather than merely "done."   You can hire other professionals who seem to do what Keith can do ... but you can NEVER hire anyone as good. Keith outshines all the rest.  {Publisher, 100k word legal guide}

"I Interviewed and tested 10+ editors. Keith was on a completely different level than everyone we interviewed. Extremely thorough and detail oriented. Prompt service, delivered on time, and rate was reasonable."

Keith was the keynote speaker for the Innocence Project's Stetson College of Law Program in November, 2016

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