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Top Journalist in 2016 by SPJ

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           A Business Model That Levels the Playing Field

Content publishers, marketers, business consultants and business coaches offer professional services without a commitment to achieve the results they promise clients.

You are often required to establish a budget for SEO, new website microsites, etc. in addition to the fees paid to your advisor. That is a one-sided relationship that favors the consultant. 

Consultants and professional service providers {like writers and researchers} should guarantee outcomes. 

In a professional relationship, a professional publisher or consultant should assume an obligation to actually achieve the targeted and promised outcomes, and if they do not, then the burden should be on the consultant who has been paid.

Keith's communications, writing, and business strategies will produce the specified outcomes, period. As a professional, it is Keith's responsibility to make that happen, not his clients'. That is the Journalist On Call business model. Email Keith below and start a conversation that produces results.

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Society of Professional Journalists' 2016 award for Investigative journalist

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