Keith's consultation is quick, thorough,    

  innovative, and professional. Check out these

  successful client assignments:

  International Trade, Import, FCC, Immigration, 

  IP Research, Law, Urban Development, Issue  

  Analysis, C-Suite Consultation, Executive  

  Support, Agile Marketing, Lean Canvas

  Business Plan, and others.  

Journalist on Call


                                                                                      Keith's Client List {Partial}

   Robert Menke {CEO Bankers Financial}

   Barry Sussman {Editor, Washington Post - Watergate editor for Woodward & Bernstein}

   Stephen Roche Shine Law {Australian Personal Injury Law Firm}

   Dr. Amy Singer PhD {Trial Consultant  -  Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson, Casey Anthony}

   Saed Mohseni {CEO, Bob Evans Restaurants  -  $1.6 Billion revenue}

   Ken Lizotte {Emerson Consulting  -  Publishing Agents}

   Patrick McKenna {Private Investigator  -  Criminal Lawyer's Investigator}

   Florida Bar Association {CLE - Continuing Legal Education Credit Program, Attorneys}

   Michael Wildeveld {The Veld Group  -  Investment Banker, Lower Middle Market}

   Random House {International Currency Markets  - Endorsed by SaxoBank, Gain Capital}

   Financial Times Newpaper {Op-Ed writer}

   Empirical Magazine {Current Affairs, 2015 Library Award Winner  -  Feature Article}

   The Innocence Project {Forensic Analysis Overturning Wrongful Criminal Convictions}

   Lyneir Richardson {Urban Revitalization & Rutgers Univ. Center for Urban Entrepreneurship}

   Fact Checking Research {Business Executive White Paper {Confidential} Reports}

  Ruth Law {PI Attorneys}

  Product Importers

  Strategic Business Consultation